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“My project is one of a kind”

Statistically,  only 1% of startups succeed. It seems that the stats don’t lie since Icon.Partners is approached by clients seeking advice on their projects in a pre-seed stage  on a weekly basis, and we can see how poorly planned they are. Startupers  tend to be overconfident about their projects. They believe that their ideas will  succeed no matter what,  they are the epitome of success , the “unicorn killers” unsubjectible to standard business rules, as it is bound to become viral, global and unique.

Fortunately, some startups do display  mature thinking and planning. Working with them is a rare pleasure.

Icon.Partners consultants will  draw up an executive summary, prepare you for negotiations with investors, explain  the key rights and duties of shareholders  and anti-dilution protection, as well as the right of first refusal or preferred shares. We will share our  expertise on how to increase month to month growth, calculate LTV and churn rates and properly do  legal research.

Legal research

Although many startups offer something unique, confidence alone is not enough for success and one should always assess the project from the legal perspective as well as do exhaustive legal research.


Partnership agreements

Founders should start legal relations with strategic meetings to establish the goals and values of their business as well as the roles, rights and responsibilities of the parties. After this, corporate documents are drawn up and a legal entity is registered.

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