Sorting and streamlining documentation

I have so much paperwork, I'm afraid my paperwork has paperwork.
Gabrielle Zevin

Gabrielle Zevin’s phrase describes the woes of many of today’s companies perfectly.

We meant to discuss the pros and cons of sorting your documents, but since, if done properly, there is no cons here, here’re the pros:

Saving time

Do you spend more time looking for a document than processing it? After sorting you’ll need a mere 10 seconds to find the document you want in the cloud, allowing you to use the time you save for more important tasks — or for a well-deserved cup of coffee.


Sorting documents will allow you to set up a convenient structure for your company’s documents, dividing them into sections, with every document given its own place in the cloud. Be it NDA/MSA records or contract with employees, you’ll be able to quickly edit, look up, expand or remove any piece of information.

Safety first

The cloud provides security. Keeping your data on remote servers is much safer than on location. If you’re not convinced about Google Drive’s security, we can work with the file storage service of your choice.

Fast and easy access

You don’t need a desktop computer to access data stored in the cloud, and mobility is an important ingredient of success in the 21st century. The cloud allows you to restore any document quickly and completely, even in the event of force majeure, which is much trickier when storing paperwork locally, if not impossible. And, in the case of geographically distributed companies, this also allows you to save money on communications and access to shared documents.

Constant monitoring

It’s an easy way to change contracts, update and extend documents promptly, without violating any deadlines. Also, any document can be easily found as long as you have an idea what you’re looking for.

Saving money

Documentation involves not just internal communications within the company but also outside correspondence: with clients, counterparties and state authorities. For instance, you can save both time and money when submitting reports for an audit, since you’ll have everything handy and easily available. Not to mention all the paper, pens and space that won’t be going to waste.


You can easily look up any document’s author and monitor changes to it.

Redundant or missing documents

Will be a non-issue. Sorting prevents redundant documents from ever appearing; also, when you have the whole document database in front of you, you can easily see what’s missing and rectify it.

Extra value

Companies that have their documents sorted find it easier to attract investors when necessary. Moreover, when selling the company, document transfer takes far less time and is much more clear to all involved.


New employees, such as financial directors or analysts, won’t have to waste time buried in documents and reports — they’ll have an instrument for analysis and other necessary work already available.

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