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Is Uber a SaaS project?


We decided that there are signs that it is, since this particular unicorn sells services using software. The Uber legal model demonstrates the project's need for first-class legal support. This Internet giant has paved the way for an innovative product in millions of smartphones through court battles and grievances.




is all about intellectual property where the main assets are users and software. Patents and trademarks provide not only for IP protection, but also tax planning, because countries such as the Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg or Cyprus offer tax benefits to SaaS companies with valid patents.

The People

Naturally, much depends on your team, since it’s your people who  create products and generate sales. All IT firms are governed by the same laws. The owners act in accordance with charters or corporate agreements, CEOs act  within the scope of powers granted to them.

Пользователи, рынки и платежи

Users, markets and payments

Relations with users are governed by the Terms of Use. Payment services ensure the cash  flow and banks safekeep funds. But the rules of the game are changing due to the global  push against aggressive tax planning. A couple of years ago shell companies were out of the questions and ten years ago tax-free offshores were all the rage. Let’s take a look at the market today - substance is now expected from all companies, IP boxes are going extinct and banks spend months on compliance procedures in order to open a business account.


Control over personal information is no longer the privilege of companies and state  authorities - now it’s in the hands of the public as well. However, while almost everyone knows about the GDPR, few people are aware of the California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, which became effective on 1 January 2020. Protection of personal data is now the  trend and businesses must comply with data protection laws if they  want to stay in the IT market.

Правовая культура

Legal culture

The level of skills of Ukrainian software developers rivals  that of the West, yet we’re still behind in terms of management, marketing and legal instruments.

Icon.Partners lawyers have studied 8 SaaS projects that have been launched in 2019. Legally speaking, the rights to the code in 7 out of 8 of those belong to the devs, not the founders, which means that the founders have no rights  to their own product(s).

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