Registering trademarks and patents

Rash decisions

It’s inadvisable to invest in creating and promoting a brand and logo without registering your trademark first, as the latter serves to protect the former. It’s also a bonus to your company’s reputation. Serious brands always register their trademarks.


At first sight, it’s a standard registration process. In some countries you’re going to need intermediaries. Also keep in mind that you can register your trademark in 27 EU member states with a single application.

Applying online

Trademarks are registered on special websites. Before applying you should research similar trademarks, choose their class(es) and subclass(es), select the countries of registration and fill out the applications.

When you need a patent

If you believe you’ve created something new.


You protect your product at the place of registration.
You prevent competitors or trolls from registering patents in another country.
Taxes. Thus, patents are required for making use of the IP box preferential tax regime.

Patentability test

This test will tell if it’s feasible for you to register a patent in a particular country.

Patent research

Before applying for patent registration, look up similar or identical patents.

Applying for patent registration

If the test and research both indicate a high probability that your patent will get registered, lawyers can prepare and submit the application.

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