is an active member of the SalesHero community. In addition to legal services, we offer business development consulting, build B2B partnerships and share our best practices on public mediums.


The websites of most local companies in their sections "partners" or "partnership" are limited to the all too common futile phrase "we are open for partnership", or a set of meaningless logos. Such a banal approach to business growth will most certainly not bring the desired result - a well-established B2B partnership.


Let’s get down to business

We offer three types of partnering relationships:

We refer a partner to our clients
A partner refers Icon.Partners to its clients
Bilateral partnership


1Partner validation
  • Signing of NDA.
  • Research of your business and values, ascertainment of how valuable your business is to our target audience.
  • We will describe your project and place it in our “partners” website and also make PR publications on third-party media resources.
  • We will discuss the financial terms of our partnership.
  • We will sign a contract with you.



We follow motto:

“Sell by not selling” (с) David Braun.

In 2020 blunt sales will not fly anymore, selling products/services a process and you’ll need to establish relationships with potential clients through a number of communications with them.
В2В partnerships will provide for additional communications and get you closer to closing a sale.


The client should integrate a time tracker solution into their business. We are partners with various time tracking apps. We will refer our client to one of our partners that will be the best fit for their company.
Thus, we will sell the services of our partner to our client.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone:

The client gets the product/service.

We get the lifetime revenue share.

Our partner closes the sale.


Who is of interest to us

As we mostly cooperate with online businesses, IT and e-commerce projects in particular. The companies whose target audience intercrosses with ours are of special interest to us.

For example:

  • SaaS products
  • Software developers
  • DevOps
  • Banks, PSP, EMI
  • Hosting services providers
  • Data Security solutions
  • CRM systems
  • Call centers
  • Advertising networks and agencies
  • Insurance companies

How to refer Icon.Partners to your clients

Partners may refer our firm to their clients. Each partner receives our firm’s promotional materials and Icon.Partners assigns a project manager to each case. We apply the revenue share model in our work.

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