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Each outsourcing company wants to be on the TOP-100 list, but only 18 of our clients were lucky to get there a year ago.

Outsourcing only seems to be a simple business. It integrates dozens of processes that Icon.Partners lawyers have mastered for 9 years.


A true story

A client called our office. We helped him to incorporate a company abroad to work with foreign customers and insurance companies a year ago.
The client told us about a problem with the bank. His customer paid against the invoice for software development, but the client’s bank blocked the money.

A reason of the problem

The bank checked the customer’s legal entity in the company registry and saw that the legal entity has the status “Inactive”. This means that the customer did not have the right to conduct business on behalf of this legal entity.

The bank blocked a current account for non-compliance with AML (anti-money laundering) legislation. The situation is absurd because the customer’s bank must check the status of the legal entity and should block such outgoing transactions, but this only adds color to our story.


Due to the blocked account, the client was not able to pay a salary to approximately 300 people in time. While he was “calming down his staff”, Icon.Partners “calming down the compliance department of the bank”. The account was deblocked only in 10 days.

Legal support is a daily routine process that is not limited to a couple of contract templates, company incorporation and opening a bank account.

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