Our Team and Workflow

ICON consists of several departments



We promote the universality of knowledge and do not divide the staff into departments (tax, legal, etc.). Thus, senior lawyers have equally strong expertise, which gives us competitive advantages: a lawyer sees the “big picture”, and the management acquires a flexible and universal team.


Leads & Project Managers

Help sustain smooth communication between clients and lawyers. Objective - to know the needs of each client, the capabilities of the legal team and the status of each task.



Company officers are responsible for the final quality control, participate in complex negotiations, visit clients (if necessary),coordinate activities of the departments, and most importantly, introduce innovative legal tech, sales and marketing products.



In addition to brand promotion, the marketing department also engages in certain legal research as experts, when it comes not only to legal facts, but, for example, to adjusting a client’s business model. Marketing consultants participate in negotiations with partners as well.


Business development

Department does not only handle the development of Icon.Partners, but is involved in the development of the client’s business as well. A business development manager is a networker who deals with entrepreneurs on a daily basis and because of that owns a huge store of knowledge, as he sees their businesses from the inside. Constant exchange of best practices and a number of enthusiasts within the team allowed us to offer “Biz Dev” as a separate line of services for our regular clients.

личный кабинет

Personal account

At the start of our cooperation, the client gets access to the personal account, where they are able to monitor the status of the tasks, deliverables, and the calendar alerting about the important events such as audits, submissions of reports, review of contracts, etc.

The Process:

  • All tasks are managed in Trello with notifications sent to the client’s email.
  • PM assigned to each project ensures efficient communication.
  • Scrum meetings may be held with or without the participation of the client.
  • Monthly reports (timesheets) for the client are prepared by the PM.
  • Time Tracking of lawyers’ time.
  • Communication via messengers.

We use the following tools to store invoices and reports:

  • FreshBooks or similar apps.
  • Reporting formats - IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language).

We use the following tools to store documents and case files:

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