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Financial analysts predict that the global consumer spending in app stores will hit $160 billion by 2021. This is 80% more than today’s numbers.

Modern business is very variable. One company creates a viral game within a month and earns millions by monetizing ads, while another company deploys a business application with a complex functionality and in-app purchases and goes bankrupt in a year.

A law firm can contribute significantly to the commercial success of a mobile application.

A true story:


A company developed a game based on the work of a French writer. The characters of the game were designed by the illustrator from scratch, but the artist was inspired by their description in the book. The gameplay was also mainly based on the book. The game was published on the AppStore and GooglePlay and promoted as a Premium (paid) game. Within a month the game hit the Featured list in several GEOs at once.

A month later, the company received a complaint from the writer's lawyers and a demand to immediately remove the game from the marketplace and to compensate for the damages incurred. On this day our legal team had met with the client.

During the first call, the client claimed that he’d checked everything and the book is in the public domain, therefore, the client’s company  has had the right to use the script and the characters without prior approval from the author. But

the client was not aware of a very important fact - the book was published by the author, who “died for France" (“Mort pour la France”) in World War II and therefore the term of the copyright protection of the work has not yet expired.

Icon.Partners made recommendations and initiated negotiations. Сonsequently, the client deleted the game from the marketplace, signed a friendly settlement agreement, and the software development company did not have to compensate for the copyright infringement.

Could the company have avoided spending 90k USD on the development of the game, had they consulted with a lawyer first?


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