Legal support

In-house lawyer as a service

It’s not possible to keep track of everything

Founders or CEOs of successful companies value time and thus delegate legal tasks to lawyers. Understanding the value of time comes with age and as the company grows. The “do-it-all-yourself” approach stalls things down, whereas outsourcing tasks to others speeds them up.


Hidden risks

In-house lawyers quickly get bored with the monotonous work within one company and very soon start looking for better job offers. Icon.Partners offers to its employees a gamification reward and a task rotation system, which helps to retain lawyers.

Cut corners

Lawyers, by nature, prefer to get clear and comprehensive instructions, and sometimes this creates certain drawbacks for companies. Managing such employees is difficult because it’s time consuming, requires nerves of steel and a legal background. At Icon.Partners, team lead/senior lawyers take charge of these matters. They hold daily scrum meetings, track task statuses on Trello, analyze time tracking reports.


Bad lawyers :(

Lack initiative and and waiting for the tasks
Has the text of the agreement been drafted yet?Does not set deadlines and statuses for tasks
Are we completely sure that this is legal?Shows little concern for your business
Find out what taxes must be paid for the 1st quarterLimits own performance strictly to the given instructions
Thanks for the info about the results of the negotiations with your client, I’ve already studied it, I’ll prepare the paperwork in 2 daysProactively sets tasks and deadlines
I’ve spent time analyzing the business model of your company. It turned out that the sales department made some errors in the contracts, I’ve already devised a plan for how to resolve the situation.Cares about your business, wants to advance professionally, shows pro-activity

A good lawyer :)

Offers versatile solutions on one's own initiative


Comprehensive legal support

We will assign a lawyer and an account manager to your case, they will be responsible for the day to day legal support and available at any time. The service package subscription price will depend on the number of hours the lawyer will spend on your case, which will be estimated and discussed at the start of our cooperation.

The account manager and senior lawyers coordinate and manage the lawyer assigned to your case through scrum meetings and time trackers. Meanwhile, the lawyer continues to be part of the team and develops professionally.


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