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Internet giants have been taking advantage of the benefits guaranteed by law for years. Uber benefits from the Dutch tax laws, C-level Google employees are forbidden to work for competitors, Facebook wins lawsuit after lawsuit and pays tiny fines for violating Internet law.

Armies of lawyers working for internet giants continually come up with new legal solutions, create precedents in courts and defeat competitors in battles for customers.
For them litigation is not an expense item, but a way to open up new markets and optimize workflow in the occupied ones.

Let’s get real

Let's take a closer look at Icon.Partners and your company. Your budget for legal services is certainly not compatible with the the same of such huge Internet monsters like Google, and for us, Icon.Partners offices scattered around a dozen countries is just an ambitious goal for now.

But over the 9 years of law practice in the IT sphere, our lawyers have managed to be among the first to learn about the new legislative tweaks, most effective business structures and judicial precedents. We compensate for our physical absence in key jurisdictions by building relationships with private and public institutions and partners in Europe, the US, Australia and Asia.


From concept to implementation


builds a bridge between an idea of ​​an entrepreneur and the business opportunities.
Legal research is the magic key that opens secret doors for businesses, and for us, lawyers, this is a complex, non-trivial, but at the same time, the most interesting task.


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