Key areas

Legal instruments

Branches and leaves feed and nourish the tree, and the biggest tree by default is the strongest one among its peers. In business, this function is carried out by the company’s financial partners that forward money from customers to the bank account, patent attorneys ensure passive protection of rights to inventions, and licensing authorities afford opportunities for opening new markets.

Legal support

The bark and trunk protect and support the tree. Daily legal support protects against “parasites” and aggressive business environments, extends the life of the company and guarantees its growth.

Business structuring
Структурирование бизнеса

The root is the foundation of the tree, and the foundation of the company is not only its strong product and the team, but also a legally executed partnership between its founders. Successful business cannot be built on the principle of “we trust each other”, or “let’s register the company sometime later”. Each founder must take on a specific role and bear a clearly defined  responsibility for errors.

Legal research
Юридические исследования

Before planting a tree, you need to know if it can strike root in this region. An informed business decision cannot be based on a hypothesis, but on the results of an analysis or research. Legal research nourishes the business and enhances potential for its growth.

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