Contracts with the team (employment contracts, contracts with sole traders, remote or in-office employees)


Discussion reveals the strong and weak points of the people you’re dealing with, what their priorities are: money, confidentiality, portfolio or product quality. 

"I want it all"

In law practice  it’s better to do nothing at all than to do something poorly. If the model contracts were any good, lawyers wouldn’t publish them on their websites for free (or in exchange for your email). It’s a marketing ploy, a "lead magnet".


You can discuss things in a messenger app or via email — messaging history is even considered admissible evidence in courts in some cases. Have you discussed all the terms? Have you established which court would be handling future disputes? What about the transfer of intellectual property rights? Also, do you have any contingencies in case one of your employees leaves you for a competitor?

Peace of mind

It’s easier to focus on the work at hand when all parties feel that their interests are protected.

Investment attractiveness

Any player, be it an important client, investor or business partner, will want to conduct due diligence before signing a contract with you. Now imagine if some small time contract ends up standing between you and a lucrative deal for 2-3 weeks. 

Intellectual property

IT business is all about intellectual property, which is always at risk of being stolen, copied or used by someone else. Over 8 years of IT-related practice our lawyers have seen a lot of disputes: half of them are about people not getting paid and one in four concern copyright issues.

Legal instruments

Contracts with sole traders should not have characteristics of labor relations, otherwise your relations with subcontractors will be classified as labor ones. Such arrangements are formalized as a master service agreement. As for relations between employers and hired employees, those are governed by the applicable Codes. Working under model contracts is extremely risky, since the torrent of rights employees get in this case is enough to sink a big outsourcing company, let alone a small company. 

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